How do the lights attach to the wall? 
These lights can be attached to the wall by using the sticky pads included in your box. For a set of 6 lights, there will be 8 sticky pads included in your box.
What is the power consumption per module?
The power consumption per module is 0.5W.
How many lumens per module?
 Each module produces 100 lumens.
How do they turn on/off?
Each module was designed to be touch sensitive, so a single tap is required to turn on one tile. For all the tiles connected, simply swipe your hand and enjoy the infinite combinations of glow you can imagine.
How many modules can be attached to one power supply?
We suggest a maximum amount of 18 tiles run off of one power supply.
What are the dimensions of each tile?
Length Width Height
4.1 IN 3.5 IN 1.2 IN
 10.3 CM 9 CM 3 CM
How are the tiles powered? 
Each module connects via magnetic edges, the power transfers through each module through metal pins protruding from each edge. 
What is the length of the cable?
The power cable supplied in the starter pack is 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length.
Are the modules RGB? 
No. The lighting color is cool white and is not changeable.
Are the app connected / smart enabled?
No, these lights are touch sensitive which means they require physical effort.
Can I put them anywhere in my home? (Ceiling, bathroom, outside etc.)
Yes. They can be placed anywhere inside your house. Attaching the tiles to the ceiling may require a different method than sticky pads. These lights are not waterproof which means they cannot be exposed outside. Be careful using it outside or in the bathroom, because humidity may destroy the product.


If you have any more specific questions, ask us at support@bright-touch.com